Top-notch Landscaping Services Here in Highland Park, IL

With Howard Barg and Associates’ highly qualified landscaping and lawn maintenance services, the people of Highland Park, IL, and even in the Northshore in the Chicagoland area are given a go-to company whenever they have problems and needs for their landscape.


From the beginning to the completion of your project, and even up to the days when you need to have the lawn maintained, know that you can count on us to deliver services and assistance that is second to none! With our years of experience and our knowledge of the most convenient ways of landscaping you can expect nothing but the best services!


Make your lawn or garden glow and look stunning. With the lighting services that we have for your lawn, passers-by will surely stop and take time to appreciate your well-lit garden even during the night. We also make sure that the lighting systems that we will install for your lawns and gardens will keep everyone safe from electrocution.


If you already have your lawns or gardens landscaped, but you are not sure who to call when the plants already grew too much and are less appealing, Howard Barg and Associates is also the name to call. We have lawn and garden maintenance services like lawn cutting, tree removal, shrubs, and perennials trimming.


Whether it is a mini pool or fountain that you want to further beautify your lawn and garden, we’ve got you covered! Add a pinch of a natural splash to your landscape with our services!


We do not only cater to needs that are related to plants and soil. In order to make sure that your gardens and lawns have an overall aesthetic appeal, we also provide our services to make and repair your driveways, patios, and retaining walls. This service also includes the building of grating and drainage engraving (including ones for rain gardens), and outdoor fire pits/fireplaces.

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